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Monthly Archives: September 2013


100% Carbon Neutral

Here at the Grove Experience we like to do our little bit to give back to the planet that we live on….




We try were possible to reduce our Carbon foot print. We of the ways we are able to do this is by working in partnership with the Tea Tree brand from Paul Mitchell.
Tea Tree is 100% Carbon Neutral as a brand… Here are some of the details and our Top Tips to help you reduce your foot print on the planet………………….


Tea tree Carbon Neutral


200,000 trees planted

200,000 trees planted

tea tree  surportstea tree reduces








tea tree offset


Carbon neutral




Make a difference

Make a difference

Top tips 2Top Tips 3

See what you can do to keep our planet Green and healthy, If nothing else try some Tea tree from Paul Mitchell at the Grove Experience.

Find more information on Paul Mitchell Tea Tree follow this link :http://www.groveexperience.co.uk/products/tea-tree/

Get the Tingle..


Published Date: 27th September 2013
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Calling all ingredient enthusiasts

ingredient enthusiastsFor centuries we have turned to Mother Nature to fix our beauty bothers and hair mishaps. Today our lotions and potions may have advanced rapidly in the technology stakes but are also still packed with some of nature’s oldest and best ingredients to keep our hair looking gorgeous.
At Paul Mitchell® we have always combined the latest technology with the finest ingredients nature has to offer, resulting in high performance products with flawless results.
With a role call of ingredients that reads like an exotic cocktail menu, create your perfect combo of nature’s finest from Paul Mitchell®.

aloe vera in sculpting foam Beta carotene in the Detangler Camomile in Baby Dont Cry
Jojoba Oil in The Masque Lavender in Lavender mint body butter Meadow seed in Thicken up
Nettle in Super strong Conditioner Peppermint Oil In tea tree shampoo Sunflower Extract in Color Protect locking spray
Tea Tree Oil in Tea tree shave gel Vitamin E in Super Charged Moisturizer Awapuhi Wild Ginger in Keratin intensive Treatment
Lemon in Shampoo Two

The A-Z of nature’s ingredients, sourced
and bottled for you by Paul Mitchell®.
Click here to find your nearest Paul Mitchell® salon.


Published Date: 17th September 2013
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Sophie is Forever Blonde

Watch here to see why Sophie Designer at the Grove Experience loves Paul Mitchell ‘Forever Blonde Shampoo’

ClarifyingCroppedForeever blonde

Foreever blonde


Forever Blonde prductsCome into the salon and see the full Forever blonde collection from Paul Mitchell.

The Grove Experience, Eastbourne, Gary Young


Published Date: 3rd September 2013
Category: General, News, Product Deals
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