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National Healthy Eating week at the Grove

As part of the BNF Healthy Eating week running from the 12th to 16th June 2017, The Grove Experience decided to dedicate their weekly team meeting to promoting the importance of eating a healthy well balanced diet.

We Provided a platter of delicious seasonal and exotic fruits for our team and trainees to enjoy. They were also encouraged to complete a food diary for one day during the week where all food and drink consumed was documented as well as all physical activity.

This was followed up by a discussion to see where changes could be made to improve their diets and lifestyles to make them healthier.

8 Tips for healthy Eating

  1. Base your meals on starchy carbohydrates – they should make up over one third of the food you eat.
  2. Eat lots of Fruit and vegetables – at least five portions a day and make sure you choose a wide variety.
  3. Eat More Fish – at least two a week include at least one portion of oily fish such as Salmon, mackerel , Trout, Herring, fresh tuna, Sardines, pilchards.
  4.  Cut down on saturated fats and sugar – such as hard cheese, cakes, biscuits, sausages, cream, butter, Lard, Pies, Fizzy drinks, alcohol, sugary breakfast cereals and pastries.
  5. Eat Less Salt – No More than 6g a day for adults. Remember that about three quarters of salt we eat is already in the food we buy such as breakfast cereal, soaps, breads and sauces.
  6. Get active and be a healthy weight – set some time aside for physical activity, walk instead of driving where possible, try something new, swimming and cycling are great ways to keep fit and can be great fun.
  7. Don’t Get Thirsty – Drink plenty of fluids to stop you getting dehydrated. The Government recommends  SIX to EIGHT glasses of water a day.
  8. Don’t Skip Breakfast – Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day!!.Breakfast like a King – Lunch like a Queen – supper like a pauper.


Published Date: 20th June 2017
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Gift & Pamper Vouchers at the Grove Experience

Give them the gift of style or treat them to a pampering experience at the Grove Experience Hair Salon in Grove Road in Eastbourne.

If you are looking for a little something to say thank you, Ops i’m really sorry or well done you congratulations. Our gift vouchers and pamper vouchers are just the thing.



Our Gift vouchers can be purchased for any amount you like or if you prefer buy a cut and/or colour with there favorite designer.

gift voucher
Chose from four different designs on the voucher. You can get these in the salon over the phone or buy direct from our smart phone App. Vouchers can be posted to any address you choose, or sent to you for you tom personalize.

grove hair experience east sussex


Pamper Vouchers:

These are a wonderful way to say thank you or just to give someone a wonderful experience.

pamper vouchers

Pamper vouchers can be purchased for any or all of the following you tailor the experience to suit your needs:

  • Eye brow Threading
  • Hand & arm Massage
  • Head Neck & shoulder massage
  • Wild ginger indulgence ( deep treatment)
  • Dry Style ( styling on dry hair for an evening out or event)
  • Glamorous blow out ( full Wash blowdry and finish)
  • Gold Lather lounge Experience ( see spa menu for details)

lather lounge at grove experience

  • Buy your Gift vouchers and Pamper vouchers from the Grove Experience salon in Grove Road in Eastbourne or over the phone on 01323411852 alternatively you can buy your vouchers directly from our smart phone App.



Published Date: 21st December 2013
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Premium Haircut Experience

Salon owner and Paul Mitchell European Educator, Offers a premium haircut experience at the Grove Experience Salon in Grove Road in Eastbourne East Sussex.

Gary Young crop


This service is open to anyone wishing to take their experience to the next level, someone looking for a complete hair makeover or just wanting the ultimate hairdressing experience.

Stage October 2013

Stage October 2013

http://www.groveexperience.co.uk/uncategorized/show-time/ ‎

Your visit will include (as required) skin tone, Face-shape analysis Hair condition checks and tests personal designer hair cut design, full run through of styling teaching and a complete home maintenance program.

Gary is full expert in all aspects of Cutting , colouring, Barbering, texture,style, smoothing perming,hair extensions.

Prep for show in Spain

Prep for show in Spain

Please allow 90 minutes for your visit, all the above is included in the cost of £100 with no added extras. Just a full personal service from a first class hairdresser and Educator.

Ring the Salon now on 01323411852 to book your experience or book online using the salon smart phone App or website on : www.groveexperience.co.uk/online-booking




Published Date: 10th December 2013
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Delighted to announce our new baby (app)

We are delighted to announce the arrival of our own salon app.
With some great features like; Online booking, New loyalty card, QR codes,
Exclusive App discounts, last minute deals, fan wall and lots more.
QR download codes
Get a voucher for £10 off your next service just for downloading the app to your phone.
You can download our App from your App store (the grove experience) or by scanning one of the QR codes below or at reservations or direct from the home page on our website,
An Eastbourne hair salon is toasting an innovative new smart phone application that is set to revolutionise its business. Gary Young, who heads the Grove Experience salon in Grove Road Eastbourne, is the first in the region to sign up to Eazi Apps.
The system allows his clients to book hair appointments, buy products and gift vouchers via their phones get involved in and special offers and events offers and participate in loyalty schemes.


It’s great,” said Gary. “There have been a lot of positive comments for it and our customers can’t wait to start using it.  It’s the way forward, and we’re the first in Sussex to do it.  As well as booking appointments they’ll be able to book into our salon events, view all our latest styles, read our blog, see the latest videos from Paul Mitchell, order their hair care products at discounted rates between hair appointments and even buy gift vouchers for friends and family!” The system will allow Gary to foster a thriving ‘offline’ and ‘online’ community of Grove Experience regulars and he believes this will grow. 

Give it a download now and see all the great feature for your self..


Published Date: 30th July 2013
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Make a start on your Hairdressing career

Always wanted to be a hairdresser?

Love the Hair & beauty industry?, Interested in trends and fashion?
Want to know what its really like to work in a salon without committing to a college course?

The Future Experience Group – ‘The Cutting Club’ at The Grove Experience hairdressers in Grove Road in Eastbourne could well be your answer..




Its coll to be a Future proffessional







The Future Experience

The Future Experience is an after school club for 14 – 15 year olds who while still at school would like to develop some hairdressing experience. The club runs on a Tuesday between 4pm – 6pm and is open to anyone over the age of 14
(application forms are available from the salon or can be downloaded from our website).

The aim of the club which is free to join and free to attend, is to give year 11 pupils a taste of what the hair & beauty industry is about without having to commit to a full time job or college course.

The club run by Sophie Lilley at the Grove Experience salon covers all aspects of hairdressing, members will get to experience some cutting, perming, colouring, styling, hair-up, smoothing, extensions all at a basic intro level. This allows them to make informed decisions about their future careers while still at school.  team-sophie

The club starts out covering the basic skills working on each other then on to head blocks and then later bringing in models to work on.

For anyone who completes the full programme and stays up to finishing school, they would have a good ground knowledge of hairdressing, which would give them a great head start if they then choose hairdressing as a career. If they chose to apply to join our full time education NVQ level 2 programme they would be given first option on future positions within the company putting them at the front of the queue.

As a company we do not employ anyone out of college and we are not alone in this so this club gives any potential job applicant at any salon a great advantage when applying for what are now limited salon positions.

The Next intake for the Future Experience is September, applications are being taken now. Send your application in to the salon or pop in to see Sophie.


The Grove Experience
64 Grove Road
Little Chelsea
East Sussex
BN21 4UH


Published Date: 28th June 2013
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Intense Electric colour for the Edinburgh marathon

These two guys are running the Edinburgh marathon this Sunday.

Intensifier whole head

Intensifier whole head

Oliver is running for Macmillan and Paul for Herstmonceux sports Pavilion they popped in to get some Intense colour for there event.

Paul Mitchell hair colour

Paul Mitchell hair colour


Paul wanted to be light blue all over and Oliver wanted to be Macmillan Green for the charity that he is supporting.




If you get to watch the event you should be able to spot them coming as the colour were electric.

Wishing them the best of luck on the run.


Published Date: 25th May 2013
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Chestnut Tree house midnight charity Walk

Five of the team from the Grove Experience hair dressers in Grove Road in Eastbourne completed the Ten mile Midnight walk along Eastbourne seafront in aid of the Chestnut Tree House childrens hospice.

Grovegirls midnight walk

  Grovegirls midnight walk


Chestnut tree houseThe Ladies completed the ten mile walk in a great time and have so far raised over £450 for the charity.

A night to remember

thank_you  Thank you to all who pledged money for the team it is a great event for a great Charity.

charity walk team

charity walk team

Giovanna, Kiki, Lucy, Larissa and Jess all had a great time completing the walk and are looking to get the whole team from the Grove Experience to do the walk in 2014.









Published Date: 21st May 2013
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