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Our pricing is based on experience of the designer. All designers on the price list are fully trained and are not trainees.
The higher the level the more years experience they have the more training and couses they will have attended and the higher their skill level and convidence to recomend.
A graduate stylist will have 6 months to a years experience upto the creative director who has over 30 years in the industry.

We have a slightly reduced price at the start of the week when we are slightly less busy, then normal prices the rest of the week.

We do run stand-by prices which run when the stand-by banner is out side the salon. These CAN NOT be pre booked but when the banner is out you can walk in get an appointment with a designer that is free and only pay half that designers normal cut and finish price.

View our price list here.


Booking & Re booking:

Please feel free to book with any team member at any time.

Making your next reservation during your visit is the best way of maintaining your hairstyle and a great way to earn loyalty points.

Ask a team member about the lifecycle of your haircut.