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Hair trends for summer 2018

It doesn’t matter if your hair is long or short, get ready for some serious inspiration overload!

The balayage (which never fails to impress) is becoming much softer with more muted tones. Stay 1-3 shades darker to lighter to keep this look on trend. Having a 1-3 shades difference is still noticeable but much softer (and more gentle to the hair) leaving your blend seamless and your hair looking natural and healthy. Copper tones are going to be everywhere this summer!   


Statement middle partings! Okay, so this look isn’t for everyone (or for everyone’s face shape) but if your bold by nature this sleek look can become instantly edgy. 

Fringes and bangs. Almost all the Victoria secrets models went and had there bangs cut in after the runway. Most went with a super soft and gentle finish but Bella Hadid went more punk rock with short, thick, textured and bold bangs that made her cheekbones look super sharp.      



Glossy gold tones are back! Stay away from the super high maintenance ice white look and do a Blake Lively. Don’t forget to keep it classy not brassy with Paul Mitchell’s colour protect shampoo and conditioner.


Curls are IN! At last, we are embracing natural curls. The bigger the better! Think 80s perm but remember frizz is OUT. Thanks to Paul Mitchell’s curls range you don’t have to sacrifice the hairs condition to get the volume needed for this look and you can keep frizz at bay.  


Messy buns are still in but the neater more timeless classic ballerina bun in making its come back. Keep it small, tight and high on the head (goodbye doughnuts hello natural hair). To really add a modern twist on this why not plat your hair first and then wrap in Into a tight bun? 

So now we know what’s in, what’s out? 

Thankfully not much, hair really is another accessory so it’s all about your personal style and what makes you feel good.

Grey hair – if you really want to keep this super high maintenance and hard to achieve colour why not try more charcoal tones? It will reflect the light better giving the hair something grey tones can’t achieve, shine!


Bold balayage – balayage is still very much in, it’s just gone more natural looking. Trying to get super dark roots to blend in with super light ends is near impossible on most hair types and it’s the reason why almost all photos of bold balayage have the model wearing her hair curly, curls hide a multitude of sins! If you want to keep the balayage we recommend going with the current trend of more natural colours that blend together perfectly.

Vibrant colours – while not strictly out of fashion we do recommend going to a more washed out and muted down look in order to stay strictly on trend (however we do still love bold and bright tones!) if you do want to stay vibrant and bold we recommend using the new VIRAL colour shampoos, there come in loads of different colours to help keep your reds, blues, purples and greens vibrant and fresh in between salon visits.

Gem colours

Another thing you may have noticed last year was how colours were named after food and drinks such as coffee, caramel, chocolate, honey etc… As hair stylists, we do this to help our clients vision the colour without saying something like “your colour is 9NB and 9G” which really doesn’t sound that fun! 

This year look out for colours being named after gemstones such as flawless diamond, quartz, citrine and ruby red! 


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Kiki Cavie interviews 3 students from the Grove Experience about becoming an apprentice

Watch Kiki interview Emma Hobden, Lani Hunter & Paegan Ashton about their time and Experiences of becoming an apprentice.





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Charity Trip to Africa with The CoCos Foundation

In August and October 2018 five members of the Grove Experience team will be traveling to South Africa on a two week charity trip. We will help build two houses for orphaned children with HIV .


The Build4TheFuture programme is designed to help young people (both in the UK and internationally) to understand the world around them.

To understand “anything is possible.”


Build4TheFuture provides homes and shelter for child-headed families in the KwaZulu-Natal region of South Africa.

What do we mean by a child-headed family? Families where orphans are living on their own and without the love, guidance and support of parents.

In this region there are about 9,000 orphans. Many of their parents have died from AIDS or related illnesses, and the children live in groups for safety. It is not unusual for 20 children to be living in one house.


We have Five team members joining the charity for trips in 2018.

In august 2018 Emma Hobden & Evie Chapman will be traveling with a larger group to help build a house for a group of children.


In October 2018 three others will travel out. Celina Zomer, Kiki Cavie (with husband Tony) and Gary Young, will be joining a trip to build;ld another house in the same region of KwaZulu-Natal  South Africa.


Over the next 18 months we will be completing a number of events to help raise the money needed to travel out and build the houses. £2,300 each thats a massive £11,500 we need to get before we travel out.

Anything you can do to help, anything you could offer us to raffle or sell or just plain old cash sponsor to our Just giving page would be amazing and very much appreciated.

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

Africa 2018


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Are Extensions right for YOU ?? ask’s Kiki from the Grove Experience

Good hair extensions should look natural and blend with your own hair. It is important to get the right colour match and choose the right type of hair extensions, suitable for your hair and your life style. It is worth investing in good quality hair that has been ethically sourced. I love to use Balmain and Temptress.
How to look after your hair extensions…
Bad maintenance can result in bald patches, matting,  your own hair coming out. We recommend to use the correct shampoo and conditioner to keep the hair looking and feeling great, also to stop the extensions form sliding out. Using the right brush will ensure you don’t catch the bonds or tape and stop the hair getting matted.
aftercare balmain
Balmain hair…
Balmain cover
Balmain pre-bonded extensions are a keratin wax bond which wraps around your hair there are easily removed with out damage to your hair. These work really well for instant length or adding thickness to your hair. You can even add a few for colour with out using chemicals. I love the Balmain hair make-up collection, which is great for special occasions. You can transform your look in minutes by clipping on a ponytail or bun. Also clip in Extensions are get for adding instant length and volume but with out the maintenance.
Temptress hair….
 before and afterbefore n after

Temptress tape extensions are 100% remy hair so you can style them colour them just like your own hair. Temptress are wefts of hair that trap around your hair. These are great on natural thicker hair textures as the wefts give more fullness to the end result. They are quicker to put in than bonded extensions and are easy to remove. You have the choice of three different lengths 15cm, 30cm and 50cm.
Before and afters by Kiki Cavie….
before & After
To find out what extensions are best for you Kiki offers a free consultation or email kiki@groveexperience.co.uk


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