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Hair trends for summer 2018

It doesn’t matter if your hair is long or short, get ready for some serious inspiration overload!

The balayage (which never fails to impress) is becoming much softer with more muted tones. Stay 1-3 shades darker to lighter to keep this look on trend. Having a 1-3 shades difference is still noticeable but much softer (and more gentle to the hair) leaving your blend seamless and your hair looking natural and healthy. Copper tones are going to be everywhere this summer!   


Statement middle partings! Okay, so this look isn’t for everyone (or for everyone’s face shape) but if your bold by nature this sleek look can become instantly edgy. 

Fringes and bangs. Almost all the Victoria secrets models went and had there bangs cut in after the runway. Most went with a super soft and gentle finish but Bella Hadid went more punk rock with short, thick, textured and bold bangs that made her cheekbones look super sharp.      



Glossy gold tones are back! Stay away from the super high maintenance ice white look and do a Blake Lively. Don’t forget to keep it classy not brassy with Paul Mitchell’s colour protect shampoo and conditioner.


Curls are IN! At last, we are embracing natural curls. The bigger the better! Think 80s perm but remember frizz is OUT. Thanks to Paul Mitchell’s curls range you don’t have to sacrifice the hairs condition to get the volume needed for this look and you can keep frizz at bay.  


Messy buns are still in but the neater more timeless classic ballerina bun in making its come back. Keep it small, tight and high on the head (goodbye doughnuts hello natural hair). To really add a modern twist on this why not plat your hair first and then wrap in Into a tight bun? 

So now we know what’s in, what’s out? 

Thankfully not much, hair really is another accessory so it’s all about your personal style and what makes you feel good.

Grey hair – if you really want to keep this super high maintenance and hard to achieve colour why not try more charcoal tones? It will reflect the light better giving the hair something grey tones can’t achieve, shine!


Bold balayage – balayage is still very much in, it’s just gone more natural looking. Trying to get super dark roots to blend in with super light ends is near impossible on most hair types and it’s the reason why almost all photos of bold balayage have the model wearing her hair curly, curls hide a multitude of sins! If you want to keep the balayage we recommend going with the current trend of more natural colours that blend together perfectly.

Vibrant colours – while not strictly out of fashion we do recommend going to a more washed out and muted down look in order to stay strictly on trend (however we do still love bold and bright tones!) if you do want to stay vibrant and bold we recommend using the new VIRAL colour shampoos, there come in loads of different colours to help keep your reds, blues, purples and greens vibrant and fresh in between salon visits.

Gem colours

Another thing you may have noticed last year was how colours were named after food and drinks such as coffee, caramel, chocolate, honey etc… As hair stylists, we do this to help our clients vision the colour without saying something like “your colour is 9NB and 9G” which really doesn’t sound that fun! 

This year look out for colours being named after gemstones such as flawless diamond, quartz, citrine and ruby red! 


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Sophie is Forever Blonde

Watch here to see why Sophie Designer at the Grove Experience loves Paul Mitchell ‘Forever Blonde Shampoo’

ClarifyingCroppedForeever blonde

Foreever blonde


Forever Blonde prductsCome into the salon and see the full Forever blonde collection from Paul Mitchell.

The Grove Experience, Eastbourne, Gary Young


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Mane Defense. Sun protection for hair.

sun title


Its back the limited edition Sun Protection system from Paul Mitchell. Returning for the summer season only.

The Uveil Complex shields fragile stands from damaging UVB and UVA rays.


sun product shot

sun why you will









Helps lock in hair colour and prevent fading to keep strands vibrant.

Features an Island passion flower scent inspired by the tropics.

sun model


sun 5 reasons











Paul Mitchell’s Full Sun System is now available at the Grove Experience hair salon in Grove Road in Eastbourne. For more details on the salon and the all the products in the salon takehome area follow the link below: 😎




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Top Tips for Spring Hair..

Here at the Grove Experience we are feeling the signs of spring in the air.

spring esentuails


Its time to get your hair ready for the long hot summer to come.

spring group

spring TLC

spring switch up

spring protect

Lets hope that long hot summer is not to far away, we are a full Paul Mitchell stockiest at the Grove Experience.

Please feel free to drop in any time and one of our friendly team will talk you through the best spring summer essentials for your hair.


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