Fix My Hair

Here at the Grove Experience we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in Repairing / Refining Colours and Cuts that have gone wrong.
Weather it was a mishap at home or a miscommunication in a salon. We are here to help put it right.
We work with a wide range of Hair treatments to improve poor condition and /or to prevent more damage to already weak hair. Some of the treatments we work with would include:
Olaplex, Awaphui Wild Ginger Keratriplex, Hydrotriplex, Lemon sage, Lavender Mint, Tea tree, Paul Mitchell. Kebelo Keratin Smoothing. Marula rare Oil.
Marula Rare Oil Masque
Depending or the work required some transformations my have to be done in stages depending on the condition of the hair. We are very good at what we do and have 30+ years experience, But in some cases the only treatment will be a pair of scissors.
A full FREE consultation and skin test will be needed before any colour work, We will do a full assessment of your hair needs before quoting a price for the work to be done.
We love pictures please bring them in hard copy or digital we will use them to help decide your end result, but just having a picture of the result you would like does not mean it is going to be possible on your hair. We will let you know what is possible, there will always be something we can do but that may not always be what you wanted to start with, reality and hair condition will be the deciding factor. If we feel your hair has had enough we will say so and offer you some alternative.
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