Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The Grove Experience is a part of Experience Hair Design and as a whole, the company withholds the right to alter, withdraw or extend any or all promotions, vouchers and offers made available through the company either made by the company or via a third party.
Twenty four hours notice will normally be given and all details will be posted on the company website and or be available in the salons.
All promotions are subject to availability.
  • Vouchers and coupons must be handed in at the point of purchase to redeem offers where applicable.
  • Only one offer may be used per transaction.
  • All offers & vouchers have an expiry date of one year from the date of issue unless otherwise stated on the voucher.
  • Named vouchers and offers are non-transferable.
  • No vouchers or offers are redeemable for cash either in part or full.
  • No offers to be used in conjunction with other offers.
  • You may use one of our loyalty programs. Experience points or App loyalty stamps. You may not use both.

Stand-By appointments will be charged at half of the designers full cut and finish price for that day, no other offers may be used in conjunction with a standby appointment. Stand-bys cannot be pre-booked and are subject to transfer to an alternate designer if a full paying guest requests that appointment time.

Redo’s  If for any reason you are unhappy with your hair we will endeavour to redo you hair to get to a point where you are happy with the end result as per our salon Promise and Guarantee (see section on website), we will do the very best we can to get to a point where you are completely happy with your hair if for any reason we are not able to redo your hair to your satisfaction and ours we will at this point offer a full refund for the work done and or additional future services if we feel this is needed, this will ONLY be done after we have seen your hair in person and if we feel it is possible and your hair will take the service completed a correction. as per the consumer rights act 2015

Colour Sale the salon holds colour sales for limited periods each year these have a percentage discount which applies to the colour service only, all colour services must have a cut and or blow dry on the same day to receive this offer. Start and finish dates will be published in the salon and on the website a minimum of one month before the start date.

50% off / Half price Haircut (send a Friend) a 50% discount can be claimed by a NEW guest after being referred by an existing guest, a voucher must be presented at the time of the appointment. The Existing guest will receive a fixed number of loyalty points (15,000)(experience points) as a thank you for the referral.

Free hot towel shaves these voucher entitles the bearer to a free facial shave after purchasing a tea tree shave gel from our takehome area.

Free blow dry after treatment this voucher will enable the bearer to get a free blow dry with either a Future Professional or Rising Star in the salon dependant on availability after an in-salon treatment.

Free spa upgrade this voucher will enable the bearer to upgrade to a pamper treatment service in the salon this must be pre-booked.

British Forces Discount card : Any showing their forces discount card will be entitled to 50% off their first cutting appointment visit to the salon.

NHS Discount card: Any guest showing their NHS discount card will be entitled to 50% off their first cutting appointment and 10% off all future salon visits.

Awapuhi Wild Ginger Free treatment a voucher will be given to anyone purchasing a wild ginger gift box (boutique box) for the first time this voucher can be used to claim a free Keratriplex in-salon treatment.

Experience Points any guest who visits the salon on a regular basis can collect “experience points”. Points are awarded by the salon for different reasons and these are at the sole discretion of the salon and there is NO automatic right to any points for whatever reason. Points will also be removed by the salon for missing an appointment and any other reason the salon sees fit to do so. Points can be used as part or full payment towards any services or Takehome products in the salon. Guest may fall into negative points on occasion, collecting points will bring this back to a positive position. If you have chosen to use the loyalty program on our smartphone App, you may not collect experience points as well.

£10 voucher for downloading our smart phone App: present your phone at reception at the end of your appointment to get your £10 off voucher redeemed.

Smart Phone App:  After downloading our App to your smartphone there are a number of Discount coupons and vouchers that you may use.
QR coupons: These can be redeemed at reception by handing to reservations to get the unlock code.

Loyalty Program: there are two on the App you may use both individually one for haircuts and one for product purchases. You may not collect experience points as well as using these programs.

Business Cancelation Policy


We will do our best not to cancel or re-arrange your appointments and to run to time. We really appreciate you doing the same.


Your appointments are very important to the team at The Grove Experience. Your appointment is reserved especially for you.

We understand that sometimes you may have to cancel an appointment. Please give us at least 24 hours notice, otherwise, a cancellation fee of 50% of the cost of your service or treatment will be charged.

We will take your payment details at the time of booking an appointment with us.

Before we take your payment details to cover a cancellation charge or a deposit or advance payment, we will confirm:

The service or treatment you have booked.

The salon name, location and contact details.

The total price (including any taxes) of the service or treatment booked or how the price will be calculated if an exact price cannot be given.

The time and date of the appointment.

Please understand that when you forget or cancel your appointments without giving enough notice, we miss the opportunity to fill your appointment time, leaving guests on our waiting list miss the opportunity to receive services.

We will confirm your appointment with you by text 24 hours in advance knowing how easy it is to forget an appointment you booked in advance.

It is very difficult to fill appointments at short notice, though if we do, we will not charge you a cancellation fee.

If you need to cancel, please give us a call or use our online booking system. Please don’t text, email or put a message on social media.


As a courtesy, we will contact you by email to confirm your appointment on the day it is booked, we will confirm by email when your appointment has been cancelled.

72 hours prior to your visit we will reconfirm your visit by email, and then again by text at 24 hours before asking you to reply yes or no to that text.
However, if we are unable to reach you, please understand that it is your responsibility to remember your appointment dates and times to avoid late arrivals, missed appointments and the cancellation fee.



A deposit of 50% of the cost of your service or treatment will be charged if you:

  • missed your last appointment with us; or
  • are a new client; or
  • are booking online; or
  • are booking for an appointment lasting more than three hours, such as hair colour or extensions, or for a series of appointments booked on the same day.

The deposit will be taken when you book your appointment and will be taken off your bill when you pay for the service or treatment you have received. The deposit will be fully refunded if you cancel, as long as you give us at least 48 hours’ notice.

If you give us less than 48 hours’ notice but we are able to fill the appointment, we will either refund the deposit or put it towards the cost of your next appointment.

The deposit will be fully refunded if a service or treatment is unsuitable for you or cannot be provided for any reason.

In case of a late cancellation or no-show, we will keep an amount of the advance payment that genuinely reflects the loss we have suffered as a result of the late cancellation or no-show.

If we are able to fill your slot, we will only keep an amount of the advance payment which covers our costs of finding another client.


If for any reason we are required to cancel your appointment, through sickness, booking error, or fault of the salon. (excludes factors out of our control, acts of God, epidemics, extreme weather). We will provide your next service at a 50% discount.

We believe this policy is fair to both parties involved.


If you are running late, we will do our best to fit you in, but we may not be able to provide the full service or treatment.

Thank you for your understanding

This document was provided by the NHF/NBF.

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