Animal Testing. Never Have - Never Will !

Testing on Animals

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As far as we are aware none of the products we sell or use in the salons are tested on animals. We are proud to have been associated with Paul Mitchell since its launch in to the UK 25 years ago. Paul Mitchell has never and will never test on animals. All products are tested on humans, even their pet products.

We believe that only bunnies should be fluffy, not the issue of animal testing. As such, Paul Mitchell® CEO and Co-Founder John Paul DeJoria has pledged that Paul Mitchell® will not be sold in China until they change their laws on animal testing.

A statement from John Paul read; “Since Paul Mitchell® was founded in 1980, we have been cruelty-free. We do not conduct or condone animal testing on our products, and we will not attempt to market our products in China until alternatives to animal testing methods have been accepted by government.”
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animal testing

We can confirm that all our products are vegan, with the exceptions listed below.

We have listed the ingredient that is the issue.

  • Paul Mitchell® (black & white brand)
  • LAB® ESP® – natural beeswax


  • Awapuhi Wild Ginger Collection (Black bottles)
  • Moisturizing Lather Shampoo® – Keratin
  • Keratin Cream Rinse® – Keratin
  • Keratin Intensive Treatment® – Keratin


  • Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Color
  • Paul Micthell® the color– beeswax

Derived from New Zealand sheep’s wool, KeraTriplex® is virtually identical to the protein found in human hair. Raised on green pastures without chemicals or antibiotics, our sheep are never harmed during the shearing process. The fleece is specially treated to maintain its reparative benefits, creating the most potent blend of keratin proteins in hair care today.


We are very proud for our Ethics policy at The Grove Experience, Looking after our guests hair without harming the planet that we live on.

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