Training Partners

Training Partners

We are a Cheynes Education Training Centre Studio Academy.
The Cheynes training programme has been developed by salon owners for salon owners.

Proven track record: thousands of people have started their careers with Cheynes training.
We offer nationally recognised qualifications gained within the Academy and the salon.

Partner Salons

We work with a number of local salons who entrust us to deliver NVQ training to their apprentices; whether it’s NVQ Level One, Two or Three we offer an individual bespoke training situation.
Our Academy exists because there is often a mismatch between what a salon owner needs and what a college or managing agent delivers.
The colleges or managing agents focus on delivering an NVQ in order to receive funding: the quicker the NVQ is achieved, the quicker they get paid. The salon owner needs a well-trained, highly motivated, committed young person who wants to build a successful career.

‘Why Partner With Us?

There are many tangible benefits to partnering with us, such as…
Hair designers with all-round ability
Reduced training costs for salon owners’.
Improve the flow of information so that everyone (especially the salon owner) has a clear picture of exactly what is happening within the training programme of their candidate
We aim to keep the programme flexible and current.
We let the salon owner tailor the programme to suit them and the candidate
Each candidate will have access to computerised assessment systems, e-newsletters to help keep in touch.
There is a social media site to keep learners and educators quickly and easily updated at
We provide a first-class NVQ education to the highest standards on a flexible programme, run by working hairdressers and educators in a cost-effective manner within the local area.
Speak to us today about sending your apprentices to our academy.

We promise you will not be disappointed.
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We also run our own salons. We guarantee to not approach / employ any candidate from the programme who works for you for a minimum 12-month period after leaving your salon.
Arrange a no-obligation meeting with one of our management team.
Talk through your options and find out why this is the programme for you as well as your students.

We are the people to deliver the best all-round education.