Hello my name is Kara,
After having a strong passion for hairdressing since the young age of 5 I am finally able to pursue to my dream! Since leaving school I was in a salon in Lewes but I found it wasn’t for me. Now that I am apart of the Grove family it truly is an experience Iike no other!

To me personally charity is very important as I believe helping the less fortunate is a very important role in today’s society and being able to do that here at the Grove is an easy task as we are already involved in many charities, for example working In hospices, finding spontaneous ways to raise money and also trips to third world countries therefore making it possible for me to be involved in as much as possible in ensuring money is being raised, contributing my own money and also being involved in life changing experiences and opportunities for myself and others.

My overall goal in hairdressing is with the help of the Grove Experience, be able to complete my NVQ level 2 and 3, continue to work here in the many years to come and then finally have my own high end, successful salon, training apprentices just as I once was.

I’m always needing models on a Tuesday and Thursday so feel welcome to book in with me and I will look forward to offering you the full Grove Experience!


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