Mens Colour Bar

Mens Colour Bar

colour bar

You could say colour is our passion.  Our aim is to get all our guests to add a little colour into their lives.
There is so much you can do in terms of colours and applications.  We have kept the pricing very simple. The process is as simple as you like it.
We will do the colour in our Mitch grooming area or at the Lather lounge (you will not be sitting in the window with a cap on your head). Subtle or bold: you chose.

Men’s Color:

Guy Lights : a few foils through the top to add texture and tone.
Bro Lights : a few dark pieces to add depth and texture.
Hombre : some organic roots, just grown out.
James Blond : add a little blond beach bum to your look.
Hawaii-5-0 : five quick foils in the front to add a little something.
Back to Cool : keep it cool keep it dark, just like the ladies love it.
Flashback : knock 10 years off by reducing some of the grey.
These are just a small selection; for the full menu with pictures ask to see the Colorbar menu or bartender’s guide.

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