Experience Points

Loyalty points – ‘Experience points’

We are pleased to have you join our loyalty programme, we love to have loyal guest in the salon and this is our way of giving them a little something back.

A simpler system of a stamped card for salon loyalty will replace the points allocated for pre booking : Using the smart phone App – present your phone at reception when paying your bill and get a stamp on your digital card on the App. Fill up the card and get a FREE 1000ml Shampoo & Conditioner. Simple.
This system also works for Blow-drys if you have a regular style with us get the relevant card stamped.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a smart phone Loyalty points can still be earned for referring new guests, booking online and leaving testimonials. (see below for details)
All points stay on your account for one year from the date they were added or until spent.

Loyalty Points

Below are some of your questions answered about our loyalty Points programme:

Nothing at all, we will do all that for you.

They will be printed on the bottom of your receipt after each visit.
They are also on your record card on our on-line booking system when you log-in.

One year from the date they were added, Points due to expire will be listed at the bottom of your receipt with the date they will expire.

Points earned since your last visit to the salon will be added to your points total at the end of your next visit to the salon when the bill is processed.

1000 Experience points is worth £1 in the salon.

The minimum number of points to redeem is 1000 points / £1.

Points can be used to purchase Takehome products from are retail shop area, can be used to purchase any of your home haircare needs wet products, tools or electrical products can be used as full or part payment.

Points can also be used as full or part payment towards any salon service so your can save your points for a FREE haircut or colour or spend as you go to reduce the cost of your visit.

No sorry every guest earns points for using our services and can only spend what is on their account.

 Experience points have NO cash value at all and can only be used in the salon as stated.

No sorry you can only spend what you have in your account balance.

If you do not show up for a booked appointment and have not given the salon 24hr notice of your missed visit the total value of your missed visit will be deducted from your points total, this may put you in to negative points balance. Points total will increase again as more Experience points are earned in the salon. Designers are paid on commission so missed appointments cost the salon and each designer, unlike dentist we do not charge you for your missed visits but we will not reward you either.

We have a number of ways you can earn points in the salon and we add other seasonal offers as well. offers will change as per the needs of the salon, we are happy to take ideas from guests on future points offers.

1.Recommending a new guest to the salon = 15,000 points (points added on your next visit after their first visit to the salon make sure they name you on the details form as the person that recommended them)
2.Use our on-line booking service to book your next experience ( open 24 hours a day – 7 days a week) = 3000 points.
3.Leave a testimonial or recommendation on our goggle Page or other search page = 7000 points for your first one & 5000 for each further one.( please let us know where and when so we can add your points as this one has to be added manually)

Points are liable to change with the wind or the mood of the management. We reserve the right to change, amend, alter, add to, remove or completely stop points at any time. 24 hours notice will be given and all details will be posted on the web page. Loyalty points are an extra bonus given by us to our loyal guest. They are not a given right they are earned they do not form any part of the paid service you have in the salon. We do have an alternative Loyalty program on our smart phone App, Great if you don’t use the services above. You can only use one system. App or Points you choose. Have fun collecting points and even more fun spending them.