Life Cycle of Your Haircut

The Life Cycle of Your Haircut

For the first three weeks: Your maintenance should be the same as we have done today.

Around week four: if you have a fringe then please drop in for a complementary fringe trim or our male guests may enjoy a free neck tidy.(no need to book)

Weeks four to six: you may need to add a little more product, change the parting or use a different styling technique. (ask your designer for advice)

Weeks six to eight: your haircut has grown out, it’s time to visit us for a new one.

After week ten: you no longer have a haircut, you have grown out hair which will behave very differently. YOU NEED A NEW STYLE.

Guests with long hair (below mid back) you should be getting the ends sharpened at least 4 times a year (12 weeks) to keep them in good condition and to encourage growth by reducing breakage.

We would love to see you again.