Treatments and pampers

Pamper treatments – styling station Approx 30mins £20

Head neck and shoulder massage with deep conditioning treatment

Hydrate & relax – hydrates and soothes lavender mint, super charge

Energize & invigorate – strengthens & thickens, tea tree, lemon Sage

Strengthen – repairs & rebuilds, super strong, anti thinning

Luxury treatments – lather lounge Approx 60 mins £40

Upper back, head neck and shoulder massage with intensive treatments

Kera triplex – weak-brittle-damaged, 80% Reduced breakage, awapuhi wild ginger

Hydra triplex – dry-frizzy-unmanageable, 82% softer hair, awapuhi mirror smooth

Marula rare oil – dry-coarse-limp, 80% reduced split ends, marula rare oil masque

Hair strengthening treatments – wash house olaplex colour Treatment stage 1&2 20mins £40

Olaplex colour treatment – wash house Stage 2 only 10mins £15

Olaplex rebonding treatment for weak damaged hair to reform broken bonds

Express treatment – wash house 15mins £10

Deep conditioning treatment with hot towel wrap (no massage)

Bespoke packages available

Special guest deals: 3 for 2 on any of the above treatments

Buy 4 get 4 free with any of our luxury treatments