What is the Perfect Hair style for a Round Face-shape?

What is the Perfect Hair style for a Round Face-shape?

Jessica Capon of the Grove Experience hair salon in Grove Road in Eastbourne has a number of guests with Round faceshapes and always advises.
“If you have a round face-shape you want to create corners and make more angles creating a stronger shape with some height or asymmetry. Adding width will only make you look rounder.
Think Drew Barrymore….

Drew Barrymore round faceshape

You want to create height  and length to make the face appear more oval.
Use Paul Mitchell Extra-body root boost to create height and volume if your not going down the hair cut route. Spray on to the roots and dry up and away from the scalp to give lift”.    Daily root Boost

A one length bob finished on the jaw line is not appropriate for a round faceshape. If you like the maintenance of the that type of shape think more LOB than BoB
Long Bob:   Long Bob

Long layers are also a great option creating length elongating the round to more of an Oval >
Long Layers

A Sexy Side Part

Creating a side part above the middle of either eyebrow helps create asymmetry, which results in face-flattering angles. And we’re all for face-flattering angles. Aren’t you?
side parting

Sleek Straight Strands

You may not think so, but straight hair that’s shoulder-length and longer helps streamline a circular face, making it look less round.
Sleek Straight

A Deconstructed Pixie

If you’ve wanted to pull a Halle Berry or Ginnifer Goodwin but were scared to, go right ahead. You’ll look super sexy sporting this disheveled cropped cut, since all of the volume will be at the top of your head, which gives your face a more oval appearance.
PixieKate Bosworth is another good example of a great round faceshape.
Kate Bosworth round faceshapeIf you would like to talk through your faceshape and the style or cut options to best suit you then you can visit Jessica for a free consultation at the Grove Experience in Grove Road in Eastbourne. You can also email Jessica at : jess@groveexperience.co.uk