The Perfect look for a long heart shape face.

The Perfect hair style when you have a heart shape face. Top Tips for Creative director at the Grove Experience Hair Salon in Grove Road in Eastbourne.

The heart shape facial contours are:     Wide forehead and narrow chin-line.
aim to decrease the width of the forehead and increase the lower part of the face.

Think ‘Taylor Swift’
taylor swift




Styles that are full at the bottom to widen the chin and narrow through the top.

Some other great Heart shape faces:

‘Sienna Miller’, ‘Ashley Greene’, ‘Natalie Portman’

ashley greenenatalie portmansienna miller









As apart of our weekly blogs we will be covering all the different faceshapes, along with lots of other how to sections.

If you our blessed with a heart shape face ask your stylist for the following:

Medium to long lengths with some concave layers and either a triangular or square internal shape.

Part of the how to section of the Grove Experience website
for a full consultation on the best looks for your face-shape pop in to the salon at 64 Grove Road in Eastbourne
ring 01323411852 to speak to a designer.

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