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“They want you to think hair is hair. Well, it’s not just hair. It’s Balmain Hair.”
Balmain1Nowadays extensions have become a catchall phrase for whatever is on offer. But good hair is about how it is made, the quality and about the company behind it. Over 40 years ago, Balmain Hair (licensee holder of the Paris’ Fashion House Balmain) set out a mission: she wanted to source, select and process the best hair in the world.
The dedicated Balmain Hair team will not rest until the hair is perfect: our well-trained and educated hair specialists are active in consultation and training in over 50 countries worldwide.
Try Balmain Hair for yourself!
There is a reason why Balmain Hair is the only company in the world who gives a 6 months quality guarantee on the hair. She holds herself accountable for what she delivers.

Hair+ – For Fashion and Solutions

Balmain2A revolution in the hairdressing industry is born. First there was colouring, styling, curling and cutting. Now Balmain Hair introduces Hair+: professional solutions for everyday clients with everyday hair problems. Many women cope daily with hair challenges such as fine ends or thinning hair. Beautiful voluminous healthy shiny hair seems to be unreachable. Thanks to Balmain Hair these women can get any desired look with the Hair+ program! Hair+ provides solution services to common hair problems, to really solve these problems. Both stylist and clients are no longer limited. With the Hair+ services beautiful hair is accessible for everyone, not just the happy few!

 Risk Free Colour Service 
Non-chemical colours in 3 minutes without intense bleaching or damage to the hair.  

– Full Hair Service 

If your ends are thin and fine, fill them up with real hair.

– Lasting Volume Service 

If your hair loses its body easily, use real hair to thicken it up and hold styles.

– Top Volume Service 

Solution for more volume on top with our temporary pieces.

– Glamour Service
Affordable celebrity hair. Get the longer, thicker hair you’ve always dreamed of.

– 5 Minute Service 

No time to do your hair? Use our temporary ranges to transform your style in seconds.