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At the Grove Experience we are committed to providing the very highest levels of hairdressing and service in order to ensure that our guests are completely satisfied.
Customer’s feedback on their experience in our salon is greatly valued to keep improving the service delivered.
We would very much appreciate if you could give five minutes to answer our questions.
Thank you again for your visits and your time.
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    Thinking about the booking of your last appointment how did you find the process?

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    If travelling by car how did you find the parking facilities?

    Thinking about your arrival at the salon, how was your greeting?

    Tell us about your first impressions of the salon?

    After being seated what were you offered?

    What refreshments / magazines do you prefer?

    Any comments on the salon menu?

    How did you decide your final look with your designer? and were you confident you would get the look you asked for?

    How was your 'Lather Lounge' experiece?

    What spa upgrades were you offered at your last visit?

    When having your hair cut/coloured how confident did you feel in the person looking after you?

    How was your service explained to you during your visit were you aware of what was happening?

    Thinking about the styling you had, what did your designer explain about the products being used on your hair?

    Did your designer explain what/ where/ why and how much of each products to use for achieving the best results?

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    Do you feel you could recreate your style again at home?


    How did you get on in the weeks following your appointment?

    What did you feel the salon atmosphere was like at the time of your visit?

    How was the salons cleanliness?


    How happy with your visit were you?

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    What could we have done better / different?

    Regarding the new services now on offer at the salon, which have you heard, used or are likely to use in the future?

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    Did you book your next appointment in the salon?

    If no do you intend on returning to the salon?

    If not could you tell us why?

    What could we do to have you as a guest again?

    We appreciate all comments ideas or requests regarding our salon. Please feel free to leave any other comments you may have.

    Thank you for taking the time to fill in our survey