Mia Tucker


Hi I’m Mia

I have joined as an apprentice, I was inspired by doing hairdressing at a young age by a couple of family members who have had experience of hairdressing. I’m also passionate about beauty, before the grove experience was an option I was going to go to Lewis collage and do hair and beauty as a course, But then thought of getting a better experience by being an apprentice here.
I want to become a professional hairdresser and hopefully live my dream which is to travel doing hairdressing on a cruise ship.

Before I became an apprentice at the grove experience, my step dad was offered a job at a kite surfing centre  in Sri Lanka, before the pandemic I was going abroad for a year to do charity work and help out in the local schools .

I am really talkative, I love meeting new people and spending time with family and friends. in my spare time I love going on walks with my family whilst walking the dogs. I also love doing sporty activity’s.

I am currently training on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I am always needing models to help me become a qualified hairdresser, I would love to see you booked in with me, Please get in touch. I hope that I will be seeing you soon giving you the whole grove experience.

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