Thomas Laslett


Having trained plus worked alongside Gary and Gio for many years, I was born into the Paul Mitchell culture.

Igniting my zest for this industry, starting the journey with a Paul Mitchell signature salon in the South of England.

With doors opening to great opportunities I have been able to fulfil some of my dreams.
These being a number of product launches, fashion weeks in the UK and Europe, Industry magazine covers. Plus consumer readers Makeover Photo Shoots for a variety of hair magazines such as Marie Claire, River Island and Hair Cosmopolitan.

With these experiences I was given the chance to work on stage internationally giving me the foundations, skills and confidence to open my first Paul Mitchell signature salon in North London.

This strengthened my skills,keeping me up to date with trends, fashion and the diverse culture that one would find in such a buzzing, cosmopolitan city.
I am also grateful for being given the opportunity to work with some of our industry artistic leaders, Angus Mitchell, Robert Cromeans, Stephanie Kocielski. These great coaches and mentors encouraged, motivated and inspired me in my creative , fun chosen profession.

In return sharing opportunities with any team I worked with.
I am now excited and ready to embrace a new chapter with Gary and the team at The Grove Experience.  Looking forward to meeting lots of new guests ,catching up with some familiar faces and hairdos.

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