The Ancient art of Threading facial hair with cotton.

We use a pure cotton thread. They twist the hair and threading pulls out a whole row of hair, as opposed to tweezing where only one single hair is pulled out. Threading is often preferred to tweezing because of the naturally straight lines of hair removed by the thread. It is pulled out from the follicle. Some women and men focus particularly on the area between the eyebrows, thus interrupting so-called “unibrows”.


Threading is known as khite in Arabic, but in Egypt is referred to as fatlah. It is very popular in India as well.

used in parts of the Middle and Far East. Thin, twisted cotton threads are rolled over untidy hairlines, mustaches and so on, plucking the offending hair. Due to growing popularity we now offer this service at the Grove Experience in Eastbourne.

So if you would like to shape your eyebrows, remove unwanted hair from any part of the face on Ladies or gents, then Threading at the Grove Experience could be the thing for you.

By Gary Young
The Grove Experience

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